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1/2 Cup Cornstarch

1/2 Cup Water

Food Coloring

Mix equal parts corn starch and water, stir up, and add food coloring to desired vibrancy. Add, mix, test, and adjust accordingly. If you have a sludge of corn starch in the bottom of your paint cup- just add more water and stir! This will give you enough paint to play with, but you can make more paint by simply mixing equal parts water and cornstarch until you have the amount of paint you desire.

This process is fun and the ingredients might already be in your pantry, so you can experiment without worry of wasting money.


Given the simplicity of the ingredients and process, this sidewalk chalk paint should be used soon after mixing. You may want to check the texture of the paint periodically as your painting, and stir as needed.

The cornstarch in this recipe tends to settle to the bottom when left undisturbed, and if left uncovered for long periods of time the water will evaporate. To reconstitute, simply add more water and stir.