• 1988  Mayor Gerry Montgomery, at the urging of Mr. W.W. Dyer, initiated an ad hoc committee to pursue the prospects for developing a museum complex to showcase the Four Rivers Region maritime heritage.
  • 1992  The River Heritage Center (RHC) as it was originally named, formally a board of directors.  The board's first task was to hire Verner Johnson & Associates, Inc. and W.R. Coles & Associates to conduct the TVA-sponsored study.  During the study more than 250 of the region's citizens were interviewed for input regarding the museum.
  • 1996  Renovation work underway by Seamen's Church Institute of New York provides impetus for RHC to consider using part of Petter complex to house a river museum.
  • 2000-2001  Renamed the River Heritage Museum; Restoration of Historic Facade; the 2nd floor restoration is completed and named after Paul Walker, founder of Walker Boat Yard.   Julie Harris hired as Executive Director. 
  • 2003   Grand Opening of Phase I Exhibit Gallery, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell is featured speaker.  
  • 2005  Completion of Master Plan and Economic Feasibility Study for Expansion
  • 2008  Opened new river industry-focused exhibits, including state-of-the-art boat Simulator, a new classroom and new office space.  Museum is renamed River Discovery Center.
  • 2012  First year of new fundraiser, Paducah Dragon Boat Festival
  • 2009-present  Expansion of Educational Programming to include the Skipper Program, the Animal Encounter program and Mound Builder program
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